Distant Earth E​.​P.

by The Steadfast Arms

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Recorded and mixed in the spare bedroom.


released March 23, 2015

Songs written and performed on the E.P. by Sam.
Performed live by The Steadfast Arms



all rights reserved


The Steadfast Arms Adelaide, Australia

The Steadfast Arms have made a name for themselves in the Adelaide music scene for their energetic live shows.

Fueled by resonance of 90’s alternative rock, and the likes of Children Collide, these young locals have been working hard, with their tracks ‘Anarchy’, ‘Loving These Dreams’ and ‘Talk’ receiving airplay locally and nationally.

"A wave of melancholy goodness" - Jessi Lou, Punk Ass Kids.
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Track Name: Anarchy
An open eye,
I never blink,
I try to find,
I rarely think.

He has her smile, she has his soul.


Scented sheets,
They make me sing,
I can't fly,
I bought a ring.

Kill morale,
Before it breeds,
Light the fuse,
Feed me treats.
I am good,
You are great,
Spill the milk,
Great debate.
Track Name: Loving These Dreams
My Father's a gun,
My Mum is around.
When I am not home,
I get really down.

But no metaphor will ever forfeit.
No more than my heart can cover it.

Now I'm getting lost like you really care.
Shall we play a game? It's called truth or dare.

Breathing deep, I'm getting closer.
Track Name: Come and See
This is what I wanted to see all along,
That little bit of fight slip out of you.
Just close your eyes and ignore me,
It won't be over soon.

Come and see the mountain side,
Come and see what we can find,
Come and see if we create,
Come and see you'll be the bait.

It's hard to deconstruct these feelings for you,
The way you're looking tonight intrigues me.
I'll clip your wings and then I'll set you free,
I can't just let it be.
Track Name: Undone
Save some sun,
It's not the same without him.
Eagle son,
Say, can you feel that I'm thin?

Shake off that feeling,
Shake off that silver tongue.
Everything has fallen,
Everything has come undone.

Breathe some more,
It's got to help you somehow.
Blissful four,
Say, can you feel this right now?